IUNM, Inc., is a group of Igbo people from Eastern Nigeria residing in the State of New Mexico, USA. Membership of this organization consists of Igbo indigenes, Igbos, and those who have had prolonged reputable relationships with the Igbo people. Those with prolonged reputable relationships with the Igbo people are considered honorary members. Some of us have resided here in New Mexico for well over twenty years. IUNM has been in operation for close to 10 years. Our mission is to promote the Igbo language and culture and to contribute to the economic development of the State of New Mexico.

A Note About The Igbo People: Igboland is the home of the Igbo and it covers most of south-eastern Nigeria. The Igbo have manifested their zest for adventure and industry in their roles as national public servants, educators, captains of industries and commerce, philanthropists, and have contributed in no small measures both to the emancipation of Nigeria from colonial rule, to the progress of Nigeria as a developing country. Igbo people are very industrious, ambitious, well educated, friendly, and have played important roles in Nigeria’s political, economic, educational, and social developments.

The political upheavals in Nigeria after its 1960 independence created an atmosphere of uncertainties about the future of the Igbo. As a result, on May 30, 1967, the Eastern Region of Nigeria seceded from Nigeria, asserted its independence and became the Republic of Biafra. After diplomatic efforts by Nigeria failed to reunite the country into one nation, in July 1967 a civil war broke out between Nigeria and the Republic of Biafra. The war ended on January 11, 1970; Biafra lost the war and surrendered to Nigeria. The Eastern Region remains under the Nigerian government till today.

IUNM Members: Members of IUNM are professionals in various fields including medicine, education, government legal, engineering, business areas etc. We operate in New Mexico as citizens of this state and contribute to the economic development of the State as we count our blessings. To this end, we have provided our services (Food and supplies) to the homeless shelter (Joy Junction), donated various school supplies to schools, provided computer literacy classes to the community, and also provided winter clothing to the needy thru KOAT TV. One of our next moves is to establish a program that our organization will support on a continuous basis throughout each year.

We are a non-profit organization approved by IRS under IRS 501(C) (3) status. Any support given to us in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings to learn more about our programs. We sincerely thank all those that have supported our causes, and we promise to uphold the trust you have in us and all that we strive for.
May God bless the Igbo people; May God bless New Mexico, and may God bless the United States of America.


Ndi Igbo, Ka Chukwu nonyere unu (May God be with the Igbo people).

Dr Kenneth Ukadike, Former President IUNM